Wilkens – friendliness and hospitality Anno 1835.

Take a glance at the longstanding traditions of our establishment. We have been welcoming our guests with friendliness and hospitality since 1835, and are now in our fifth generation. Tradition counts here just as much as the high quality of our meals and the passion with which we work.

1835 – The "Haus Wilkens" was established in Sindorf, Zum Breitmaar 1, by Emanuel and Anna-Maria Wilkens.

1862 – Son Mathias Wilkens married a local Sindorf girl, Agnes Kemmerling. Whilst the two of them commenced with the first of a total of 6 conversions to the "Haus Wilkens", one of their five children trained as a "Zappes" (specialist bartender) in Cologne.

1911 - "Zappes" Reiner returned to Sindorf to take over his parents business. Together with his wife Agnes, a Sindorf girl, as all wives have been in the history of the Wilkens’ sons, he soon turned this country inn into a centre for cultural life.

1940 – His son Mathieu, a musical all-round talent, student at the Kölner Konservatorium (Cologne music conservatory) and creator of many operettas, took over the inn following his marriage to another local Sindorf girl, Anna. During the years in which her husband served in the war, she successfully managed the inn herself and was later supported by her children Karin and Reiner.

1972 – The keys to the house were handed over to Reiner Wilkens. Together with his wife Isa, who, like Reiner, had learned her trade at the "Hotelfachschule Speiser" (Hotel Management School) on the Tegernsee, they established "Haus Wilkens" as a top-class gastronomic establishment in the Erftkreis region

1995 – The conversion of all guest rooms was completed. Besides renovations, in particular in the area of the rustic tavern, the premises were extended by an additional function room, the “Gute Stube” and therefore its capacities were increased.

2002 - In November, the first eight hotel rooms were put into operation, and due to great demand, only one year later it was decided to double the number of rooms to sixteen.

2004 – The outdoor gastronomy was extended: A newly designed beer garden in a wooden design, protected by windbreak elements, left nothing to be desired for our sun-loving guests.

2013 – The hotel received a new exterior look and a further 6 beautifully-designed hotel rooms were added which were created on the ground floor from two shops.

2014 - A new era begins: Time does not stand still at Wilkens, either, and as a result the largest conversion in the history of Wilkens took place. The “Haus Wilkens” became WILKENS ANNO 1835. The function rooms on the upper floor are radiant in their new splendour including a roof terrace, the restaurant presents itself in a new, sophisticated look and the old bowling alley has become our stylish Gastwerk, with an uncomplicated bistro atmosphere and a terrace which is open all year round.

2015 – A further milestone: The new terrace. Guests can now experience the special Wilkens pleasure outdoors in a wonderful atmosphere almost the whole year round.